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Lopesan Villa del Conde in Meloneras, Gran Canaria, holds the exclusive Thalasso center Corallium Villa del Conde, a magnificent beauty and wellness center located on the edge of the sea. It is an oasis devoted entirely to luxury and well-being: a center of airy interiors and exquisite decoration offers thalasso through modern spaces and seawater pools, as well as relaxation and beauty treatments that booths applied very broadly. Part of its dependencies are outdoors and there is an exclusive area called Ocean Views Suites, which have their own pools of sea water and sun terrace.These suites are offered individually or in couples treatments, which are a real treat, as they are a few meters from the sea, allowing you to enjoy the thalassotherapy holistically. The center is undoubtedly the most attractive proposal that offers the hotel to its customers and also those who are not housed but wish to enjoy its wonders.

The Corallium Thalasso Villa del Conde opens from Monday to Sunday from 11:00a.m. to 19:00p.m. For security reasons persons aged less than 18 years are not allowed to enter the facilites. Extra charge.  Please not that a 100% cancellation fee will be charged if treatments are not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.


For more information and reservations: Phone: (0034) 928 563 232 Email: corallium.villadelconde@lopesan.com

Thalasso Experience

The Corallium Thalasso Villa del Conde offers its guests the unique circuit "Thalasso Experience", consisting of attractive treatments that use seawater at different temperatures, alternating areas of cold and heat, to improve the functioning of the muscles and provide vascular gymnastics beneficial to the entire body. The circuit includes from hydrotherapy pools, steam bath, multi-sensory showers, ice fountains and saline inhalation and aromatics showers.

Vitality Pool

Seawater pool where the thalassotherapy circuit starts. The water’s heat and strength are used to provide different types of aquatic body massages. There are underwater bubble beds where the epidermis and the deeper skin layers are massaged from the neck to the toes resulting in deep relaxation as well as strengthening of the muscles and joints. Around the pool you can find different heated ergonomic beds inviting you to rest.

Herbal Steam Bath

A steam bath, in which tropical aromas emanate, accompanied by a luminous atmosphere which varies in line with the fragrances. It is equipped with ergonomic chairs and hot walls.

Crystal Steam Bath

An octagonal shaped steam bath where a pleasing steam of different fragrances emanates from a handmade ceramic fountain. This facility has a high humidity level and indirect illumination produced by amethyst shaped crystals. Just like the Herbal steam bath the Crystal steam bath is also equipped with heated ergonomic walls and chairs.

Finnish Sauna with light therapy

A traditional Finnish sauna where the relaxing effects are increased thanks to the use of soft colored lights. These lights come from two Chromo therapy fields in the ceiling.

Adventure Showers

Showers with different water experience programs to be selected by the customer.
The first shower simulates a smooth tropical rain on the body providing at the same time a fruity fragrance. During the rain fall the shower is illuminated by a warm red light. It has also got water jets providing a pleasing lumbar massage.
The second shower provides a cold water fog accompanied by a smooth fragrance of fresh mint and a bluish illumination. It is the ideal place to cool off after using the sauna or the steam baths. In this shower there is also a water jet massaging the cervical area.

Ice Fountain

We recommend using this facility after the sauna and the steam baths as it stimulates the circulatory system.

Floatation Pool

This pool has a high concentration of salt in the water achieving an extraordinary floating sensation. Its unique light and sound system integrated inside and outside the water helps to reach a state of maximum relaxation.

Pavilion for Saline Inhalations

This is an area equipped with heated ergonomic beds and it is especially prepared for our customers to enjoy the benefits of saline inhalations. Saline inhalations are recommended for skin care and to ease and strengthen the respiratory system. They also have an important stimulating effect on the whole body.

Aromatic oil showers

The aroma shower offers a horizontal massage, combined with refreshing aromas and citrus to help physical and mental relaxation.

Kneipp Reflexology Pool

A cold water pool equipped with small stones on the ground in the style of the traditional Kneipp therapy for the stimulation of feet and legs. This treatment invigorates the defence system and provides benefits for the heart, as well as for the circulatory and nervous systems.

“Mirador” Viewpoint

An impressive terrace with marvellous views on the Atlantic Ocean, a magnificent place to enjoy unforgettable sunsets.

The Nature Corner Bar (extra charge)

This bar offers a selection of natural products (with extra charge), such as fruit shakes, sandwiches and delicious desserts. It is situated next to the Vitality Pool and connected to the outdoor garden area.

Two rooms for Rhassoul Baths (with extra charge)

These rooms are equipped with individual heated chairs where curative clay is applied on the body. The result is a peeling effect on the skin removing dead cells and particles. The process is completed by humid heat and a soft warm rain over the chairs. Both rooms have a capacity for 2 persons.

Changing rooms and showers


We offer the best selection of massage therapy techniques

Chiro-Golf Massage

Let yourself be seduced by a 100% luxury golf experience. This generous ritual relaxes muscles from the head to the feet using an excellent massage treatment, using golf balls to benefit the circulation, releasing tension, improving flexibility and physical energy.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Hindu Head Massage

It consists of a deep massage of the scalp, focusing on the vital energy points. It provides a reduction in tension in the head, neck and shoulders. It is combined with a face massage focused on the pressure points. It activates the blood circulation and achieves a deep sense of relaxation. It is suitable for relief in people suffering from headaches and migraines.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€


Natural healing method based on the channelling and transfer of energy with the imposition of the hands. This ancient method is based on the natural ability of the body to heal itself. It revitalises body and soul, helps to reduce stress, frees blocked energy and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Swedish Massage

Based on the western knowledge of the anatomy and physiology, this massage is aimed at relieving tension and toning the muscles, which in turn benefits the blood circulation and expels toxins, helping the body to rediscover its natural balance and providing a sense of complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 65€

Deep Tissue Massage

Due to its technique, it is suitable for relieving deep muscular tension that has accumulated as a result of stressful situations over time or for people with a high body mass index, like athletes. It involves a deep pressure massage, in which the therapist uses their hands, arms and elbows to stimulate the muscles, with which your degree of mobility and flexibility will increase.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Duration: 50 min - Price: 72€

Anti-stress Massage


This massage is designed for people that want to unload their body and mind of everyday tension. Its action is concentrated on the area of the back, in order to free the muscles of tension in the neck, shoulders and back.  

Duration: 20 min - Price: 35€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It involves a technique that is more than 100 years old that applies soft, slow and rhythmic movements with the hands, which stimulates the lymphatic system and has excellent effects on areas with cellulite.  It regulates water balance in the body and improves return circulation, in turn being a deeply relaxing and calming treatment.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 69€

Duration: 80 min - Price: 98€


Aromatherapy is a millennial holistic science that forms part of natural medicine, is healing and essentially preventative. Essential oils are the basis of this whole body massage which, applied with a base lotion, help the body to combat infection, to initiate cell regeneration and reduce stress.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 70€

Stone Massage

Based on an ancestral Hawaiian ritual, it combines massage techniques with basalt stones of volcanic origin, which have unique mineral properties, as well as cold stones, hot stones and essential oils, with the aim to balance emotional, physical and spiritual energy. The level of relaxation achieved surpasses other techniques due to the fact that the basalt stones absorb heat and transfer it to the deepest bodily tissues, producing a deep sense of relaxation.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 120€

Tandem Head and Foot Massage

Let yourself be swept away while two therapists give you a massage to your head and feet at the same time, with a soft pressure and a slow rhythm. It includes acupressure for the face and neck, a scalp massage and relaxing foot massage. An experience aimed at achieving complete well-being.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Two by Two Massage

Share your relaxing experience with a partner or friend, receiving a body massage in the same booth, which is aimed at eliminating tension and toning the muscles, which benefits blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, helping the body to rediscover its natural balance and providing a complete relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€

Four Hand Massage

This synchronised, elegant and carefully choreographed massage is not to be missed, in which two therapists work in perfect harmony using a soft pressure and slow rhythm to provide a unique holistic massage that promotes well-being and relaxation.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 125€


Also called a prenatal massage it is aimed at relieving physical discomforts deriving from pregnancy. It is conducted with soft movements that will help back and shoulder pain to be relieved, while improving blood circulation in the feet to reduce heaviness.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 62€

Reflexology Massage


Based on the ancient belief that each bodily organ has its reflex point on the soles of the feet. These reflex points are stimulated in a soft way with a massage that is aimed at reducing tension, increasing energy levels and helping to rebalance the body.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 58€

Featherlike Legs


Relaxing massage promoting blood circulation and relief of tension, conducted with ascending drainage movements and a refreshing and invigorating gel that promotes a lightweight feeling. Ideal for relieving feelings of heaviness, tension and fluid retention.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 40€

Body treatments

Basic care for a healthy body.

Detox with Green Tea

Detoxifying and purifying treatment, created to flush out fluid and toxins allowing complete relaxation from the very start. In this manner, your fatigued skin suffering from stress and pollution will be turned into glowing skin that breathes.It includes an orange, grape, apricot and lychee peeling, green tea wrap and a body massage with a bamboo extract, lotus flower and water lily lotion, which will tone and invigorate your muscles.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 98€

Aloe-Vera Peeling

Ideal for any type of skin, like dry, rough skin and skin lacking tonicity. It acts as a preparation for any body treatment or for an even tan. Aloe Vera gel penetrates the skin, moisturising and nourishing it while it brings it back to life and removes dead skin cells, bestowing it with the beneficial effects of Aloe Vera.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 39€

Corallium Exfoliating Body Treatment

Treatment that uses an intense exfoliation, conducted with natural ingredients like rice bran oil, cane sugar, apricot kernel powder and Indian fucus. It eliminates toxins, stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin and transforms it granting the skin a bright, hydrated and smooth appearance that is full of energy.

Duration: 25 min - Price: 39€

Aloe-Vera Wrap

Enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera with this body treatment that renews, moisturises and nourishes the skin to bestow it with elasticity, resistance and protection. The effects of Aloe Vera also help to heal scars, relieve sunburn and control the segregation of fat. It includes a gentle body peeling, in addition to the application and wrap in a thermal blanket of a pure Aloe Vera gel mask.

Duration: 1h 20min - Price: 85€

Sea Algae Wrap

This treatment offers remineralizing and rebalancing effects due to the properties of marine trace elements by means of small crushed seaweed; it is particularly suitable for removing fluid and fat, in addition to softening and toning the skin. It includes a body exfoliating treatment with the oily and calming peeling enriched with the red algae Chondrus Crispus, followed by a gentle seaweed wrap that is 100% natural and the application of an anti-cellulite lotion that allows the figure to be shaped and thinned.

Duration: 1h 20min - Price: 98€

Envelopment with Mud of the Dead Sea

Body treatment that consists of the association of marine mud and salt used for skin beauty and health, freeing it from toxins and dead skin cells, while hydrating and softening. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates the blood circulation, improving orange-peel skin. The wrap includes a body exfoliating treatment and the application of an intensive nourishing body lotion.   

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 98€ 

 Vitamin C

Exquisite ritual to enjoy an experience that is capable of revitalising the skin all over the body with all of the benefits of vitamin C. The sophistication and overall care of this treatment enrich the skin with an additional contribution of vitamins needed for the day to day. Its innovative antioxidant, firming and revitalising values redensify and fill in the skin tissue, revealing a radiant skin with an even skin tone. It includes an exfoliation of sweet citrus fruits, wrapping around with an antioxidant effect and the application of citrus fruit lotion. Perfect to care for the skin before, during or after sun exposure and for lovers of body treatments.

Duration: 1h 20min - Price 98€.

Perfect Silhouette

This body treatment has been created to resculpt the figure and combat cellulite and flabbiness. It consists of the application of an active oxygen wrap concentrated with brown algae, marine extract, red algae and marine silicon that oxygenates, firms, removes fat and sculpts the figure. The formula is applied using a specific massage technique with visible results after the first session.

Duration: 50min - Price: 80€




Sapphire Experience

Fantastic revitalising body and face ritual that is notable for its softening and calming effect, as well as for improving the muscular system. Enriched with sapphire particles, with relaxing properties and beneficial for the whole energy field. It includes an exfoliation, body mask with glimmering sapphire and an energising massage with semi-precious gems. It bestows vitality, renews positive energy and leaves the skin glowing again.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 130€



Complete relaxation ritual, based on the oriental theory of perfect harmony between body and mind, consisting of four sensory scales. The Mediterranean includes a citrus body exfoliating treatment. The Egyptian lets you enjoy the experience of being submerged in the River Nile with a milk bath. The Hindu consists of a body massage in which deep percussion, friction and smoothing actions come together for a well-needed relaxation. The Chinese consists of a regenerating body wrap that will leave your skin glowing.

Duration: 1h 50 min - Price: 139€


Based on techniques from ancient Hawaiian healers and performed by our specialised therapists, it offers a body massage that allows tension to be released and muscle contractures to be relieved, it also balances the body and relaxes the mind. This ritual treats physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of human beings, using a deeply relaxing massage that is also relieving, detoxifying and helps to strengthen the defences. It is recommended for preventing bodily tension, eliminating stress and stimulating lymphatic circulation, given that it stretches the muscles and mobilizes joints.

The massage combines the use of thumbs, knuckles, palms, arms and movements of the elbows, leaving a unique feeling of well-being.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 95€

Chocolate Fancy


Ritual that includes a gentle peeling with cane sugar, sweet almond oil and a delicious massage with warm cocoa and relaxing movements, performed to the rhythm of music with Arabic chords. A perfect combination that stimulates the senses and revitalises, while deeply nourishing the skin thanks to the antioxidant flavonoids that neutralise the action of free radicals that are responsible for ageing.

Duration: 1h 20 min - Price: 95€

Facial treatments

All the care that your face needs for a radiant skin

"Anti-Age" by Corallium

Rejuvenating facial treatment with reaffirming effect, favouring skin regeneration thanks to cosmetic products enriched with natural ingredients, such as plant, flower and seed extracts, as well as marine components. The result is a soft, hydrated and luminous skin.

Treatment includes make-up removal, peeling, massage and mask.

*Extra profound hygiene.

Duration: 50 min. - Price: 70€ / 80 min. - 85€ 

"Collagen" by Corallium

Treatment with intense hydrating action, aimed to replace the collagen we lose over time. Collagen has a tensing effect on the skin, maintaining its hydration perfectly (collagen fibres and elastin). This treatment’s softening and rejuvenating action leaves a smooth skin and reduces expression lines.

Treatment includes make-up removal, peeling and collagen veil.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 70€ 

"Hidra-Marine" (dry/sensitive skin)

This repairing treatment’s marine properties alleviate the most important effects of dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to its calming and nourishing action, it provides your skin with a sensation of long-lasting comfort.

Treatment includes peeling, massage and mask.*Extra profound hygiene.

Duration: 50min - Price: 80€ / 80 min. -  95€ 

"Pure & Fresh" (oily/combination skin)

Pureness treatment with a highly balancing and seborrhoea-regulating effect, providing mixed and oily skin types with a sensation of freshness and cleanness, as well as eliminating shiny skin and reducing visible pores.

Treatment includes make-up removal, peeling, massage and specific mask.

*Extra profound hygiene.

Duration: 50min - Price: 80€ / 80 min. - 95€ 

"Hyaluronic Filler"

Innovative treatment, the most significant ingredient of which is hyaluronic acid, designed to combat fine wrinkles and expression lines. Your face will be rejuvenated, your skin becomes ultra-luminous and wrinkles are filled, obtaining results after the first session.

Treatment includes exfoliation, specific massage and double mask.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 90€ 


This specific care for the eye contour area for persons wishing to reduce fatigue signs, is based on digit-pressure; it re-firms, softens and soothes the delicate area around the eyes, reducing under-eye bags and expression lines. Treatment is indicated for all skin types.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 80€ 

"Ocean Men"

Specific ritual with a masculine fragrance, designed for men who wish to boast healthy, comfortable and clean skin. It re-mineralizes, detoxifies and oxygenates your skin in an instant.

Treatment includes peeling, massage and specific mask for men.*Extra profound hygiene.

Duration: 50min - Price: 80€ / 80 min. -  95€    

Hydrotherapy and special treatments

Basic care for a healthy body

Vichy Shower

Combination of the application of multiple showers that act at the same time from the feet to the head, with a peeling and body massage. It is recommended for reducing stress, moisturising and toning the skin, relaxing the muscles and relieving tension, benefiting blood circulation and providing a relaxing and soothing effect.

Duration: 50min - Price: 75€

Oceanic Bath

Combination of the benefits of a body peeling with marine salts to stimulate the regeneration of cells and benefiting the expulsion of toxins with relaxation in a bath with aromatic oils for a soothing effect.

Duration: 25min - Price: 39€

Ocean of Sensations

Enjoy the benefits of this treatment in a bath that reduces stress and promotes muscular relaxation, as well as the effect of a body massage with aromatic oils. Perfect for anyone seeking complete relaxation.

Duration: 50min - Price: 68€


Turkish Soap Massage

Enjoy a massage with centuries of history performed with a horsehair glove and Corallium soap, specially designed to remove dead skin cells, activate the blood circulation and relax the muscles.

Duration: 50 min - Price: 75€


We offer ideal treatments for always good looking hands and feet!

Deluxe Manicure by OPI

Complete hand and nail care treatment that includes a gentle exfoliation using sugar crystals with lemon, orange and coriander scents, a mask rich in nutrients that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin, an anti-ageing serum with grape seeds and liquorice extract, a specific massage and painting of the nails.

Duration: 50min - Price: 50€

Deluxe Pedicure by OPI

Complete foot and nail care treatment that includes an exfoliation with avocado extract and green tea, a nourishing clay mask with shea butter, a massage with a moisturising lotion with extracts of calendula, geranium and orange blossom. It finishes with the painting of the nails.

Duration: 1hr 20 min - Price: 67€

Deluxe French Manicure by OPI

Complete hand and nail care treatment that includes a gentle exfoliation using sugar crystals with lemon, orange and coriander scents, a mask rich in nutrients that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin, an anti-ageing serum with grape seeds and liquorice extract, a specific massage and painting of the nails.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Duration: 65 min - Price: 62€

Deluxe French Pedicure by OPI

Complete foot and nail care treatment that includes an exfoliation with avocado extract and green tea, a nourishing clay mask with shea butter, a massage with a moisturising lotion with extracts of calendula, geranium and orange blossom. It finishes with the painting of the nails.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Duration: 1hr 35 min - Price: 79€

Gel Color by OPI


Painting of the nails with semi-permanent nail varnish for both hands and feet. It maintains its nail colour with exceptional shine and with a long-lasting finish.

Duration: 50min - Price: 60€

Nail polish removal Gel Color by OPI

Duration: 25 min - Price: 20€

We offer several types of wax depilation and dyes.

Corallium Cosmetics

Corallium Cosmetics offer a natural alternative for face and body with their range of exclusive products.

Nature Corner Bar

The “Nature Corner Bar” is located within the premises of the water circuit of the Corallium ThalassoVilla del Conde centre, situated in the outdoor garden, a few metres away from the sea what grants privileged views over the Atlantic Ocean. The qualified staff will always be at your disposal to help you make your menu’s choice. The Nature Corner Bar‘s menu is made of light, natural and very healthy products that are perfectly aligned with the centre’s philosophy to achieve the balance of mind, body and soul. Our guests can enjoy refreshing and multivitamin milk shakes of fresh food, mineral waters and a wide range of teas with curious and delicious flavours. They also have sandwiches and varied mini-ciabatta, as well as exquisite desserts. All these guarantee the ideal snack to combine a beauty session and relax.

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Celebrate your birthday in Corallium

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How to choose the appropriate massage?

Our entire staff is at your service to recommend the appropriate massage or package to you according to your needs and preferences. Please do not forget that you have to make an appointment.

What happens in case of health problems?

Before you make an appointment please inform our staff if you suffer from diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart diseases, allergies, if you are pregnant, had a recent operation or if you are taking medication. We recommend asking your doctor before visiting us.

Which is the minimum age to be able to use our facilities?

For security reasons you have to be at least 18 years old.

How much time before the appointment do I have to be there? What happens if I am late?

To feel comfortable and to be able to relax we recommend arriving to the facilities at least 15 minutes before the appointment. If you are late your level of relaxation and the treatment’s effectiveness will be reduced since your massage has to end at the booked time so that the next client will not have to wait. The entire amount for the treatment will be invoiced.

What shall I wear during the treatment?

We will offer our clients disposable slips. During the Thalasso Experience circuit you are asked to wear bathing clothes and please wear the appropriate clothing and shoes when you use our fitness facilities.

What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

Please remember that your cancellation has to be received at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment. In case we do not receive your cancellation on time we will have to charge you for 100% of the treatment’s price even if you have not had it.

May I take valuable objects with me?

We recommend leaving all valuable objects inside the safe of your hotel room. We will give you a locker to keep your personal things, but our Thalasso will not be responsible in case of loss or theft.

To be able to enjoy your massage in the best possible way we recommend as follows:

1. During the massage your body will be covered. Please inform the therapist if there is a massage technique that does not please you.
2. Please tell your therapist if room temperature, music or pressure is not pleasing you while getting your massage. We would like you to feel as comfortable as possible.
3. Please inform your therapist about any health circumstances, such as colds, skin eruptions, allergies, etc. and show him problematic points, such as injuries, contractures, etc.
4. Close your eyes, relax and try to breathe slowly and deeply.

To be able to enjoy our Thalasso Experience circuit to the maximum:

1. We will offer you: a robe, a towel and slippers (Please do not forget to give these things back before you leave, if not we will have to charge you for them.) We also put at your disposal changing rooms, lockers and showers.
2. We recommend drinking water frequently in order to keep your body hydrated.
3. Please follow our staff’s recommendations. We are at your service!
4. Please help us to maintain the ambience of calmness and tranquillity in our facilities so that all our clients may enjoy their visit as much as possible.
5. Please do not forget that it is not allowed to use mobile phones, walkman or cameras and remember that smoking is not permitted.


Our Corallium Villa del Conde gift vouchers are the best present for any occasion.
For more information please ask us, we will be glad to advise you!

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Tel: 0034-928-56-32-32