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Massages Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy for the relief of pain, relaxation and vitality for the body. Let us help. · Back massage · Partial Body Massage · Full Body Massage · Reflexology · Foot Massage · Facial massage · Head and facial massage · Trigger Point Therapy · Facial lymphatic drainage · Lymphatic drainage of arms or legs · Full body lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage Stimulates the lymphatic flow. A soothing massage to detoxificate and support the lymphatic system. Even a single massage can be really beneficial, but the whole effect of the massage is in the repetition. Through various grips, tissue is loosened and the muscles relaxed.

Massage Special · Aroma full body massage · Honey cream full body massage · Brush massage (back) · Brush massage (whole body) · Hot Stone / Scen Tao massage · Massage with warm oil and hot stones (wellbeing massage)

Body treatments

Sound of the ocean Take advantage of the high-energy power of the sea and give your body new vitality and tension · Full body exfoliation with sea salt · Seaweed wrap · Relaxation · Final care

Poseidon Experience the magic of well-being as your body has never experienced before. This Poseidon treatment is an inexhaustible source of more well-being. · Sea Salt Bath · Back massage · Relaxation

Ocean of roses Indulge in natural and at the same time sensual care... Enjoy a unique wellness experience. The pleasant scent of roses caresses your senses and transports you to a world of total relaxation. To complete this luxury treatment,we will offer you during the bath with candlelight and harmonious sounds a glass of sparkling wine and a fruit skewer. Experience this treatment with your partner...... It is a romantic adventure full of harmony. · Full body exfoliation with aroma of roses · Rose petal bath + 1 glass of sparkling wine + 1 fruit skewer · Care ritual of warm rose oil · Relaxation

Honey Moon Refine your complexion. Honey in the form of a peeling has a stabilizing effect on the entire moisture balance and makes your skin feel tender. A soothing holistic massage will make you forget everyday life. · Aroma Honey Scrub · Aromatic bath with Ylang Ylang · Full body massage with honey cream · Relaxation

Light Feet They carry us throughout life. We will do something good for your feet today. For a pleasant break, we start with a soothing herbal foot bath followed by an activating foot massage. · Herbal Foot Bath · Foot Massage · Final care for beautiful feet

Silky smooth hands Our hands reveal our true age. A hand scrub with valuable minerals solves the dry skin cells and prepares the skin for the following hand massage with valuable amenities up to the fingertips. Smooth hands shine with youthful freshness. · Hand peeling · Hand Massage

Entire body peeling Ideal preparation for any subsequent care application. After just one application you experience a real soft skin. Various peelings leave an extremely soft and rosy skin. · Algae peeling · Sea salt peeling · Rose petals peeling

Packs Protection and well-being with mineralized, purifying, detoxifying, nourishing and firming effect. Grant a break for a special body care. · Mud · Seaweed wrap · Rügen healing chalk pack (back) · Rügen healing chalk pack (entire body) · Vitamin ACE Pack

Soft Pack treatment In a heated water bed you get the feeling of floating and your skin is receptive to different body wraps. Enjoy the weightlessness in the water bed.

Freshness A real energy boost for tired, exhausted and stressed skin. This crash treatment with ampoules with effective active ingredients increases cell activity and thus the cell regeneration is increased. Tired, stressed skin is deeply revitalized and refreshed. · Cleaning · 3 ampoules adapted to the needs of your skin · Final care Ideal after sunbathing!

Neck and décolleté treatment Bright prospects for your neckline, it shines in new freshness and optimal care. Your neck is well supplied with moisture and receives an immediately perceptible firming effect. · Specific skin concentrate strengthens the elasticity. · Anti-aging fluid tightens neck and décolleté · Natural ingredients flatter and refresh your skin

Cellulite treatment "Babor" Special care for firm body contours. Effective treatment for cellulite reduction. Your body silhouette is streamlined and consolidated. Exfoliation prepares the skin for treatment, then brush massage stimulates circulation and makes the skin permeable Cellulite drug with caffeine promotes fat burning and makes the body contours seem more harmonic

Frigi compresses Cool compresses, saturated with an algae-camphor-menthol solution, support the fat burning in case of cellulite and have a soothing effect on spider veins. The compresses are effective help for tired legs and assist in weight loss.

Cellulite treatment "Thalgo" Efficiency and well-being against persistent body fat for a slim silhouette. A revolutionary 3-phase treatment, that acts on fat cells and inhibits the incorporation of new fat. Thalgomince exfoliation, ideal preparation for your diet Body wrap thalgomince stimulates the metabolism, tightens and consolidates the contours Final Thalgomince LC 24 treatment cream, 24h care for the whole body to combat and prevent unsightly body fat.

Facial treatments

Facial Classic Enjoy a soothing facial treatment,suited to your skin type. Incl. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing,brow shaping, facial massage, finishing treatment

Soft Summer Rain, Moisture Power The thirst quencher for dehydrated skin Your skin gets a vital and perfectly moistened complexion with better tone and elasticity Incl. cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, active concentrate (moisture ampoule), collagen fleece mask, final facial massage

Selection pearl luxury for your skin High-quality care products for your sensitive skin, build new beauty with fine wine yeast Exclusive agents regenerate your skin for new awakening, revitalizing beauty Incl. cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, active concentrate, foam mask, facial massage

Vitamin cocktail for your skin The vitamin care for a healthy and recovered complexion Revitalizing treatment for a tired and stressed skin Vitamins c, a and e form a depot and supply your skin effectively Dry, sensitive skin is revitalized and supplied with new energy Incl. cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, active concentrate (vitamin ampoule), mask and final care

Luxurious lifting treatment Experience a unique anti-aging effect with immediate alleviation of the signs of aging, the skin is intensively moisturised and streamlined The skin`s elasticity is noticeably improved and the regeneration stimulated Your skin is safe guarded against free radicals and receives new energy Incl. cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, lifting - firming mask and final care

Beauty Men – there is no second chance for the first impression A well-groomed appearance is becoming increasingly important Our treatment is adapted to your skin, with natural ingredients, and we flatter and refresh your skin Incl. cleaning, exfoliation, eyebrow correction and finally, a soothing facial massage with a cream with active ingredients for your skin type

Facial treatment deluxe Not only your skin needs to be pampered but also yourself! Feel the harmony of skin and soul, enjoy with all your senses. Warm compresses in your feet prepare you for this treatment and with relaxing music you abandon yourself to our hands You tell us what you want for your skin and we cater to your needs During the mask break, we massage your hands with selected care for the demanding skin of your hands. The treatment is completed with a herbal tea Incl. skin check, cleaning, peeling, cleansing, brow shaping, active concentrate, mask and facial massage

Seve Marine Moisture supply in the rhythm of time Stimulation in the morning, soothing relaxation in the evening, a rhythm that your skin needs for new vitality The natural protective function of your skin and the moisture balance will be repaired Incl. cleaning, deep cleaning, exfoliation, intensive moisturizing serum, intensive moisture mask and active cream to maintain the moisture balance during the relaxing facial massage

Complexe Algomega Delightful well-being, nurturing and strengths Discover a number of sensational active ingredients. . . and enjoy comfort A moment of sheer well-being. Incl. cleaning, deep cleaning, exfoliation, large lipid supply through the mask and a rich comfort cream for the facial massage that gives your skin renewed well-being

Anti-aging special treatment Extraordinary experience. . . Timelessly beautiful skin Precious care with algae hormones combats all aging signs and are an ideal addition, when the usual care is no longer sufficient. Algae hormones promote cell regeneration and reduce the depth of wrinkles Your skin texture is improved and radiance given Incl. cleaning, peeling, Anti-Aging Serum, Anti-Aging Mask, Bio-Cellulose, Anti-Aging Eye Serum and revitalizing Anti-wrinkle facial massage with active cream.

Hyposensine The calming influence for sensitive skin Sensitive skin is protected and its intense defense force increased Marine actives provide significant increase of the tolerance of the skin and reduce reactions and irritations Strict selection of ingredients, dye-free, fragrances without allergenic ingredients Incl. cleaning, deep cleaning, bio-revitalizing serum, masque to calm skin irritation, soothing facial massage, final care

Controlamine - No more excessive gloss effect Satin smooth. . . You will discover the beauty of your skin again! Deep-effective special treatment to clarify the skin Incl. cleaning, deep cleaning, regulating serum and an absorbent cleansing mask Final treatment that brings your skin into balance

Brief facial treatment Reactivating short treatment for all skin types. In a short time you feel the exclusive agents and you receive a long-lasting result of freshness. Intensive 2 phase cleaning Exfoliation – according to your skin Active concentrate Mask and moisturizer

Eye Relax treatment - A look is worth a 1000 words Concentrated moisture reduces your wrinkles immediately. A love letter to the eyes comes in a treatment of pure moisture. Neat eyes are real attractions. But just where the skin is stressed constantly through facial expressions, sun exposure and stress, it is extremely thin. Let your eyes light up and enjoy a moment of relaxation. The precious extract of eye fluid reduces lines and wrinkles, protects against light-induced skin aging, improves elasticity and makes your eyes shine.


Pedicure "Quick feet" Give your feet a little attention! The wellness program for your feet starts with a herbal foot bath, which promotes the circulation and prepares your feet for the care treatment. The best of each care program is the final treatment with cream. The skin cream is applied through a gentle massage that refreshes the most tired feet. · Foot Bath · Skin and nail care · Final treatment with cream that is applied through a massage so that you get tender, soft feet

Manicure "Beautiful, neat hands" Let the beauty of your hands with us. Regenerating care with UV protection spoils your needy hands and prevents the aging of the skin. Vitamin rich ingredients give your hands new suppleness and pamper them during the hand massage up to the finger tips. · Hand bath · Hand peeling · Nail Care · Final hand massage with protective care for silky hands

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