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Corallium Spa Villas Bávaro


Swedish Massage Relaxing massage that not only relieves tension, but also improves circulation by oxygenating internal organs and eliminating toxins.

Muscular Massage This technique encompasses the whole body but also focuses on specific areas or chronic pain caused by poor posture, excessive stress or tiredness.

Corallium Combination This combination is excellent for those of us who suffer from chronic pain. The winning combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and shiatsu will free your body from built-up tension.

Marine Harmony Swedish massage enjoyed on the beach with a gentle breeze. This unforgettable setting next to the sea at sunset will help you relax either on your own, or together with your partner.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Recommended for those who require rapid relief from chronic pain.

Therapeutic Massage Special therapy for those chronic areas calling out for a little extra attention and specialised care.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy based on soft manual techniques that help to eliminate any toxins and liquid that may have built up in our adipose tissue.

Hot Stones This new technique consists of applying hot oils and stones that balance our centres of energy, thereby putting us into a deep state of relaxation.

Cure for Stress The combination of different seeds placed in soft, warm cushions will relieve your back from chronic pain. In addition, a deep tissue massage and reflexology therapy will help you unblock and re-establish built-up energy.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian technique that uses soft yet vigorous movements to bring about muscular relaxation and improved circulation.

Body treatments

Reducing Body Wrap
This treatment will help define your figure and is surprisingly effective at toning and slimming as it focuses on specific areas, such as the waist, buttocks, thighs and hips.

Body exfoliation is achieved via a soft massage that uses circular movements. The different products we use help to eliminate dead cells, whilst softening, smoothing and hydrating your skin.

This treatment is enormously beneficial for dry skin types thanks to its deep moisturising properties.

Anti-Cellulite Contour Treatment
Employing our own tried and tested products, this treatment is ideal for combating cellulite and toning your skin.

Revitalising Firming Treatment
This treatment calms your skin and leaves it feeling fresh, revitalised and hydrated.


Ancient technique based on applying pressure to specific points of our feet, hands and ears, thereby helping us to unblock and re-establish our natural balance of energy and to allow our bodies to work as they should.

Oriental technique based on stretching and acupressure points over the entire body. It will bring you into a state of relaxation whilst reopening your energy channels.

Facial treatments

Sensitive Skin
Special cosmetics prepared from herbs to prevent allergic reactions and oversensitivity, thereby calming, hydrating and rejuvenating your skin.

Concentrated marine extracts balance out excess oils and facial shine, leaving your face free from impurities and allowing you to rediscover your natural look.

Collagen Plus
This collagen-based facial treatment provides deep hydration for all skin types.

Marine algae-based treatment that will leave your skin wonderfully toned, whilst also reducing expression lines.

Facial Flash
Recovers your skin`s natural moisture and glow. Includes cleansing, toning and mild exfoliation, followed by a wet face mask depending on your skin type and wrapped off with a relaxing and penetrating massage with a refreshing and calming essential cream.

Deep Cleanse
Classic European-style facial treatment that simultaneously cleanses and hydrates your face. The deep facial cleanse is recommended for all skin types. Includes a facial massage and two facial masks.

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